Sunday, October 6, 2013

We're In Pennsylvania!

Hi everyone. Your old pal Toaster here, coming to you live from Bald Eagle State Park in Howard, Pennsylvania. It's been kind of a gloomy Sunday morning here so far, but it looks like the sun is starting to shine through the haze a little. Gary and Dodge and I slept in a bit later than we normally do. We were all tired, and it was good to do some catching up on rest. We arrived here yesterday afternoon. The temperature was close to 90 degrees upon arrival, and it really didn't cool off much until the middle of the night. If we wanted hot temperatures, we would have stayed in Florida. This is ridiculous! For the first time on our entire journey, we encountered a little rain about ten miles south of the park, and more rain last night. That didn't help the mugginess. We blew right through the little slivers of West Virginia and Maryland that our route took us through on the way here. Gary didn't even stop for pictures, and you know how unusual that is. We were through both states in minutes. Our Mapquested route took us through a lot of twists and turns, and a variety of road types getting us here, but we made it safe and sound. It was just under 300 miles from Lake Anna State Park in Virginia where we had spent Friday night, to here at Bald Eagle. I was pretty tired when we arrived, and I can only imagine how Gary and Dodge felt. Dodge never complains, but Gary is another story. But, he's pretty old, and you know how old people get cranky sometimes. I just let him vent, and try not to stir an often boiling pot, so to speak. Gary and Dodge checked out the park. From the pictures Gary took, it looks like the rest of the place is much prettier than the campground. It's okay here, but Lake Anna was downright GORGEOUS. I'm hoping that Letchworth State Park in New York will be pretty too. We'll be there for four nights, and will meet a lot of new friends that we know only through Facebook at this point. We head there tomorrow. We're going to rest and take it easy today. Gail and Snippy from Ohio are on their way here, and so is Gail's friend Tom from somewhere here in Pennsylvania. The three humans and us three Scottys will caravan up to Letchworth together. I'll post a few pics from here shortly. Have a GREAT day!

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