Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Nurse Toaster To The Rescue

The word of the week around here has been WORRY. Two days ago, Gary had surgery on his right lower eyelid to remove an area of basal cell skin cancer. He was naturally worried about the surgery, and I was naturally worried about him. Even though the surgery had minimal risk, just the idea of it was terrifying for both of us. My adopted Aunt Sandy came by to take Gary to and from the surgery center. Sandy is VERY funny, and her humor helped Gary to relax to some extent. She was there through the whole ordeal, and I thank her for taking such good care of my best friend. The surgery went well, but Gary looks more like "Scary Gary" now. He is fully prepared for Halloween without having to apply any makeup. He came home with a mountain of bandages on his face. Yesterday, he drove himself (how crazy is that?) to his surgeon's office for a follow-up appointment. The bandages were removed, exposing the wounds beneath them. His eye looks terrible. He can't open it yet, and it's swollen and bruised. His orders are to take it totally easy for the next week to ten days. That's where I come in. There's nobody here but me to take care of him, and I'm doing my best to make him comfortable. I'm not exactly a nurse, but I've seen enough of them on TV to know what to do. Luckily for me, Gary is a good, low maintenance patient. I'm reminding him to take his meds, apply the ointments and ice packs, and to get plenty of rest. Today is October 30th, and we are supposed to go camping on November 11th. We are both hoping we don't have to cancel. If I take good care of Gary, maybe we can go as planned. If not, there's always another time. The most important thing is to get Gary back on his feet. It's time for his meds again, so I'd better get off this computer and wake him up to take them. What would he do without me? Bye for now.

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