Thursday, October 3, 2013

Skidaway Island's Sandpiper And Avian Trails

I really thought that Gary would be too tired from walking the 3-mile Big Ferry Trail on our first day at Skidaway to do much on day two. But, he was determined to see everything possible, so he was off and running early. He left the park and headed into Savannah to do some antique shopping. Although Gary didn't seem to be tired, I definitely was. I slept for a couple of hours after he left. As you know, I can sleep almost anywhere at any time. While he was out, Gary went to three antique malls, then had lunch at an AWESOME 50's diner called Bobbie's. I guess I should have posted a picture of it, but I forgot. Gary loves old original diners almost as much as he loves old trailers. He would love to have one of those gorgeous old stainless steel beauties sitting in our yard. Anyway, many hours went by before Gary came back to the campground. He barely said hello to me, and he was off once again, this time to explore the other two trails within the park. The total distance of both trails is two miles. It was fairly late in the day to walk two miles, but he made it back with daylight to spare. The Sandpiper and Avian trails are prettier and less hazardous to walk than the Big Ferry Trail. From what I could see in the photos, it looks to be more picturesque too. Once again, Gary made it safely back to the campground without any wounds. He was visibly tired though. Between the antique malls and the trails, he was ready for a night of watching TV and relaxing with his favorite camping pal....ME!!! Pics of Skidaway's wildlife coming up next.

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