Sunday, October 20, 2013

Letchworth The Magnificent, Volume One

Usually when I post, I show you pictures of myself at my campsite. This time I'm going to do something different. You've seen me a million times, and there's so many beautiful things to see at Letchworth State Park, I'll skip the ordinary and show you something truly magnificent. Letchworth is THE most beautiful park we've ever been to, no doubt about it. Gary and I were surprised when we entered the main gate, and the lady there said it was twelve miles to the campground. And the park goes beyond twelve miles. It's HUGE!!! It was NOT a boring ride back to the campground. I could hear Gary saying WOW over and over again as we passed by waterfalls, deep gorges, scenic overlooks, and much, much more. I echoed Gary's sentiments, and said WOW a few hundred times myself. In my next several posts, I'll do my best to show you around Letchworth State Park, so you too can enjoy it's beauty. Have fun and enjoy the view.

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