Sunday, October 20, 2013

Heading South To Points Unknown

Friday morning had arrived, and it was time to leave Letchworth. Most of our friends had already hit the highway, and reluctantly, it was time for us to do the same. Gary usually has a game plan of which way we will travel, and where we will end up each day. He's generally a meticulous planner, but this trip back to Florida was going to be MUCH different. No advanced reservations had been made, and no exact route had been planned. He told me we were going to "wing it". Always up for an adventure and seeing new places, that sounded pretty good to me. Did I have any choice? Gary had not even looked at a map to see which direction to take when leaving Letchworth. He decided rather quickly that we would head southeast, in an effort to eventually get as close as we could to Interstate 95. But that was a LONG way from where we were, and it would take all day and part of the night to get to a stopping point. We took I-390 and I-86 southeast to Binghamton, NY. Once there, we took I-81 into Pennsylvania, and caught I-476 (the Pennsylvania Turnpike) at Scranton. It began to rain around that point, and it rained all the rest of the day. That's why there aren't more pictures of the day's activities. We went through a couple of tunnels in Pennsylvania. I LOVE tunnels. We obviously don't have them in Florida. Somewhere around Philadelphia, we headed into New Jersey. As you know by now, I collect those little bicycle license plates from each state we go to, and Gary made this little detour just for me so I could get my New Jersey plate. We were well into darkness at this point, and it was still raining. Looking at the map, Gary determined that we could clip the edge of Delaware also, and I could get my little souvenir license plate from there too. It seemed like we stopped constantly to pay tolls. We don't have many toll roads in the south, but it seems like everywhere you go in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland, you have to shell out big bucks for tolls. My souvenir license plates ended up costing a fortune because of the tolls, but Gary never complained. He just stopped at Wal-Mart stores and bought them for me. What a guy! After making our Wal-Mart stop in Delaware, we crossed into Maryland and slept at the Welcome Center for the night. It was 11PM, and we were tired and weary from the long drive and constant rain. We slept pretty well, even though the noisy 18-wheelers were coming and going all night. Our goal had been reached. We made it to I-95, but where to next was a mystery.

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