Thursday, October 3, 2013

Skidaway Island's Big Ferry Trail

Just like he usually does, Gary packed a lot of activities into our short camping stay at Skidaway Island. After setting up camp, he headed out to explore the 3-mile long Big Ferry Trail, along with several of it's offshoots. He took over 100 pictures, but due to space restrictions, I can only show you a few. Hopefully, these will give you an idea of what the place looks like. Skidaway is surrounded by acres of marsh and sawgrass. The trails look a bit scary to me, but heading out into the great unknown seems to never bother my fearless owner. Going to the dentist is another story, but I won't dwell on that at the moment. The Big Ferry Trail is quite rough to navigate by foot or by bicycle, due to the thousands of exposed roots along the way. Gary made it back without the roots tripping him up, so I guess he did pretty well. The remains of an old moonshiner's still can be seen on one of the trail's offshoots. Due to the seclusion of the area, moonshiners could create their brew away from the watchful eyes of others The highlight of the hike for Gary was the observation tower that allows great views of the surrounding area. It is three levels tall, but oddly, only two levels are accessible. There is still plenty of good viewing available, regardless of the tower's height. More pics from Skidaway coming soon!

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