Sunday, October 20, 2013

Magnolia Springs State Park, Volume Two

In all of the southern parks we go to, there are signs saying "Beware Of Alligators". Often times, there are no alligators to be seen, but here at Magnolia Springs, that's a different story. Gary took me down to the spring, and we saw four alligators, two that were relatively large, and two that were pretty small. If you're a turtle fan, Magnolia Springs is the place for you. There are HUNDREDS of them in the spring. A lady was at the dock, and she was feeding an entire loaf of bread to the turtles in the water. Moments later, one of the larger gators swam over to join in the fun. I was surprised to see the turtles and gators don't seem to have a problem with each other. Gary went antique shopping for most of our second day at the park. He was gone most of the day, drove to stores in four different towns, and came back empty handed. I know he had fun looking, but he was disappointed he didn't find something he couldn't live without. We had hoped to have enough time left in our trip to spend a couple of nights at one of our favorite parks, General Coffee State Park. Luckily, things worked out well, and that was our final stop on the "northern tour". Pictures and news from there in my next post.

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