Saturday, February 9, 2013

Grayton Beach State Park, Day #1

I really enjoyed the cool temps and the bright sun today. It was the perfect combination. As I mentioned in my earlier post, I planned to catch some rays and take a nap, and that's exactly what I did. Gary spent the entire afternoon exploring the park and taking pics like he always does. I've seen all 134 photos he took, and he was BUSY!!! The first photo I've attached is of the little pathway that leads from our campsite to the lake directly behind us. We have a tiny piece of "beach", if you want to call it that. After walking around the whole campground, Gary hopped in the van and headed down to the beach. It's a fairly short walk, but he opted to drive so he could have his cooler full of drinks with him. There's a parking area there with small picnic pavillions, a restroom, and a boardwalk that leads over the sand dunes to the beach. Once on the beach, Gary just had to slip off his flip-flops and stand knee-deep in that pretty blue-green water. He may be an old dog, but there's still a little "puppy" left in him. Following his stint on the beach, he walked the trail that starts by the sand dunes south of the beach boardwalk, and loops around by the lake through a pine forest. I'll post a pic or two of the trail next time. That pretty much completed today's exploration activities. When Gary arrived back at the campsite, he cooked some rice and mashed potatoes with gravy. The gravy was heated up in my microwave, and unfortunately, a spoonful of the gravy "jumped" out of the bowl and made a big mess in me. I'll have to inspect closely and make sure he cleaned up every drop. I HATE looking messy! More from Grayton Beach sometime tomorrow. Bye for now.

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