Friday, February 15, 2013

Ochlockonee River State Park, Day #2

After taking a LOT of pictures of the ultra-cool white squirrels, Gary decided to go out and see what the area was like outside the park. I forgot to tell you that the closest town to the park is called Sopchoppy. There's another one of those funny town names that I find so amusing. It's a shame, but there aren't many businesses that are still open in town. Even the antique store that Gary had read about was closed. While looking around in yards and fields, Gary came across a cute Little Gem Bugg trailer that someone is using as a storage shed. He is REALLY interested in it, but couldn't get in touch with the owner. He left a note, and hopes that they will call him and tell him it's for sale. I think it's an awesome looking little trailer, and it would be fun to have an adopted baby sister in the family. Moving on from there, he drove to the next closest town, which is called Crawfordville. It's a small town too, but much bigger than Sopchoppy. He met a nice woman in the Wal-Mart parking lot there, that has the Roadrunner travel trailer in the third picture. Old trailers are EVERYWHERE, and it's good to see them being enjoyed instead of being used for storage. Just outside Crawfordville, there is a line of fifteen rusty old trucks along the highway in a field. Thirteen of them are Fords, and two are Dodges. Behind them is a line of five old cars including a Willys and a Desoto. There isn't much left of any of them. It was a gloomy day, and it rained on and off throughout the day and night. We had another quiet evening at the campground. Unfortunately, this was our second and final night at Ochlockonee, a place that we really, really like. Gary was already thinking ahead, and planning our route to our next destination. Thursday was going to be a day of lows and highs, and I'll fill you in on the details soon.

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