Monday, February 18, 2013

Homeward Bound

There wasn't anything to take pictures of on day #3 of our stay at Lake Griffin. Gary and I had severe cases of the "lazies", and we did nothing but hang out together at the campground and relax. We played on the computer, watched TV, and took naps. The high for the day was 52 degrees and it was very windy, so Gary spent little time outside. It was fun having him with me all day for a change. The temperature dropped down to 30 degrees during the night, but the little heater kept us nice and warm. My skin was cold, but the most important thing is being warm inside, and I was as toastie as a toaster. Surprisingly, both Gary and I slept very well. I didn't think we would since we napped a couple of times during the day. We got up early today, and after a quick breakfast, Gary began to get things packed up so we could leave. I love our hometown of St. Augustine, but I love being on the road and camping just as much. I was kind of sad that our ten days away was over. We sure had a good time. We were in no hurry to get home, so we made lots of stops along the way. Our first "break" was at Wildcat Lake Park on SR40 east of Ocala. We have stopped there a few times so that Gary can stretch his legs. It's a nice little place. We continued on along SR40, heading east towards Ormond Beach. I was afraid that Gary was getting tired of the back roads, and would take I-95 north when we came to it. With a little coaxing, I got him to continue east to A1A. It's a pretty drive up the coast, and it was a beautiful day to enjoy the scenery. Our second stop was at Michael Crotty Bicentenial Park in Ormond Beach. Gary whipped up a couple of sandwiches there, and ate lunch at a picnic pavillion up on a hill. After that, we continued along A1A heading north towards St.Augustine. We stopped often for pictures. I wish I could post more of them for you to see, but blogger only allows a handful with each posting. The picture of me next to that tall tower was taken near Flagler Beach. We stopped for an extended period of time at the beach next to Marineland, just a few miles south of St. Augustine. We had never been there before, and Gary was very impressed with how gorgeous it was. I couldn't see the beach from the parking lot where I was, but judging from the pictures he took, I can see why he liked it so much. I am positive we will stop there from now on when we are in the area. We finally made our way home, and Gary decided to do some "yamping" (yard camping) in me for a few nights. I'm all for that! I have no idea what Gary has planned for me next, but I'll post it here when it happens. Bye-bye for now!

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