Sunday, February 10, 2013

Grayton Beach State Park, Day #2

The three pics of the dunes and trees I've posted today were actually from yesterday's activities here at Grayton Beach. I promised to show you a pic or two (or three) of the trail that Gary walked. The trail begins and ends (it's a loop) at the area of trees next to the dunes. He enjoyed walking through that canopy of twisted trees, enroute to a more standard looking portion of trail withing the pine forest. It is definitely more picturesque than most trails he has walked. The dunes are cool, and something we don't see very often in our travels. I guess they are typically found in coastal areas, and we've been camping more inland lately. Now, as for today. The pretty blue skies had disappeared, and we woke up this morning under grey skies with strong winds. What a difference a day makes. Gary spent all morning here at the campsite with me. I think he felt guilty for making a mess in me by dropping that gravy on my floor last night. One of the first things he did today was clean my floor thoroughly, and I didn't even have to ask. What a guy! We listened to the oldies on the iPod while breakfast was cooked and eaten, and then Gary was off to see how things looked at the beach. You can tell by that yellow flag that is sticking straight out how windy it was. The waves were much rougher than yesterday, that's for sure. Gary was getting sandblasted on the beach, so he came back and changed clothes, and headed out to see some things outside the park. He told me he was going to go antique shopping, but he never made it to the store he was heading to. He stopped just a little bit east of here when he saw something really cool in the little town of Seaside. What did he see? Check out my next post to find out.

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