Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Road Trip Ready....Almost

It's been a quiet few days since coming home from our last camping trip at Paynes Prairie. Gary sleeps with me every night, but he's been busy with other stuff during the days, and I haven't seen him very much. All of that changed today, and I was the center of attention for several hours. First, I was pulled out of the garage for a bath. That water was COLD, but I'd rather be a little uncomfortable for a few minutes than be dirty. I was hand dried with a nice soft towel. That felt SO good! Next, I got my floors vacuumed and my stainless countertop and sink polished. I get pretty dirty when we're camping. Between Gary and I, who do you think makes the mess? It sure isn't ME!!! I still need my floor tiles cleaned and my sheets washed, but that will happen soon as we get closer to leaving on our next trip. I'm not 100% clean, but I sure feel better now than I did this morning. Once Gary had finished with me, he worked on some other projects that will get us closer to leaving for our next round of camping. He cut a support pole that fits across the top of our camping clothesline. After testing the clothesline out at Paynes Prairie, Gary felt that a little "beefing up" was necessary. The picture I've attached shows the placement of the pole. In addition to support, the pole will also give us a spot to hang some outdoor lights. That's going to be pretty cool. The last job of the day was changing the oil in the van. I watched as Gary did the work. It amazes me that he knows how to do so many different things. Maybe by the time I get to be as old as him, I'll know how to do lots of things too. I may be vintage, but Gary is just plain OLD! Can you tell that I like to bug him about his age? He knows I'm just kidding. We'll be camping again soon, and I'm getting EXCITED!

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