Sunday, February 10, 2013

Trailer Sightings

While I took it easy and listened to the radio that was left on for me, Gary headed east to see what the world looked like outside of the Grayton Beach State Park campground. He didn't make it very far before he saw something REALLY interesting. As he entered the little coastal town of Seaside, he spotted a line of six old Airstreams that were permanently set-up as food vendors along the roadway. What a surprise! Seaside appears to be a popular destination of both tourists and locals. There were LOTS of people in the area, two bands were playing, and the large array of specialty shops were doing a booming business. It took him over a half hour just to find a place to park. I hope he takes me by there when we head to our next destination. I want to see those trailers for myself. After a couple of hours checking out Seaside, he headed further down the beach until he came to US98. Not wanting to get too far away from the campground, he headed back towards the west. Somewhere along the road before he reached Santa Rosa Beach, he spotted an RV storage yard. He cruised in to see what was there, hoping to see something vintage. There wasn't a lot of trailers there, but he did spot the two Airstreams pictured, the Argosy, and the sad little Shasta. He looked inside the Shasta. It was totally gutted. Poor thing! After that, he continued west. He crossed the road leading back to the campground, but he was determined to find a Wal-Mart to get a few supplies. You know how much Gary LOVES Wal-Marts. He found one just past Santa Rosa Beach, got what he came for, and headed back. It was dinner time, and he was hungry. So, he never made it to the antique store that he originally headed out to see, but he came back with pictures of some cool old trailers. I love seeing pics of old trailers as much as Gary loves Wal-Mart, so we both got what we wanted. Who could ask for more?

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