Friday, February 15, 2013

Ochlockonee River State Park, Day #1

I was so excited to tell you about the white squirrels at Ochlockonee River State Park, that I completely forgot to mention our campsite and our first night. So, let me backtrack a little, and try to get caught up to date. After a long drive and heavy traffic, in addition to the time we spent at Ron Jon Surf Shop and the seaside rest stop, we arrived very late in the day at Ochlockonee on Tuesday. After checking in at the ranger station, we headed to our favorite campsite here. Campsite #19 is the same one we stayed in when we were here for Christmas in 2011. There are only thirty campsites at Ochlockonee, and ours was the best one by far. Gary scrambled to get me set up before dark, and before the predicted rains arrived. The campsite pictures I've included here were actually taken on Thursday as we were getting ready to leave. There just wasn't time for picture taking on Tuesday. We got settled in just in the nick of time, right before it began to drizzle. We had a quiet evening, watching a little TV, and getting caught up on computer stuff. We were tired, and Gary wanted to get to sleep before it got too late. The plan was to get an early start on Wednesday morning, with taking pictures of the white squirrels as the first priority. As you can tell by my post with all the squirrel pictures, things went as planned. I'll tell you all about Wednesday in my next post, which I'll do in just a few minutes. Stay tuned!

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