Monday, February 11, 2013

Grayton Beach State Park, Day #3

It's an unbelievable phenomenon when the weather guys are actually right. Write this day down, because they predicted today's weather correctly. There was a 60% chance of rain today, and early this morning, I thought the forecast was going to be totally wrong. There was a haze in the air over the lake behind our campsite, but it was sunny and fairly warm. Gary made some breakfast, then headed off to the antique store that he never made it to yesterday. While he was gone, it got more and more cloudy, then began to drizzle. The rain would stop and start, over and over again for several hours. Gary got back to the campground around 4PM, and not long afterwards, it POURED!!! It rained hard for nearly an hour. Our campsite was suddenly less appealing than it was before. Most of it was under water, and I was a sitting duck in a pond of my own. I was NOT a happy camper. Gary was brave enough (or is that crazy enough?) to go outside for a minute or two to take these pictures for me. He knew that I would want to show you what we were dealing with. Anyway, we took a long nap as the afternoon turned into evening, watched TV for awhile, and now it's computer time. Gary went out and looked around a few minutes ago, and most all of the standing water is gone. We hear the sound of thunder in the distance on occasion, but I hope the rain is done with. We leave here tomorrow and head east to Ochlockonee River State Park. We were there for Christmas in 2011. That's the only place we've been to that has white squirrels, and they are SO cool! I'm looking forward to seeing them again. If we have an internet connection, and I don't think that we will, I will check in from there. Otherwise, I'll post here again as soon as I can. Until next time, this is Toaster and Gary, saying farewell from Grayton Beach State Park.

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