Monday, August 8, 2011

Alone Again

You'll notice there's no photos of me this time. That's because Gary got up early and took off to meet up with Gail. They were going to drive up to Cleveland to see the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. That's Gary in the first photo standing next to the big George Harrison guitar. That's Gail in the second photo with the big hot dog in the background. What the heck does a big hot dog have to do with rock and roll, unless you're Bruce Springsteen? Gary always says that Bruce is a big weenie, and I don't think he means that in a nice way. Last but not least, a photo of Gary and Gail on the cover of The Rolling Stone. They're FAMOUS!! Who knew? Meanwhile, the part of the campground I was in, filled completely up while Gary was gone. Much later that evening, Jeff arrived with Serena, but there was no available campsites near me. He found a spot in another area. Gary and Gail arrived just minutes after Jeff and Serena. There were a few available campsites around Serena, but it was late, so Gary decided to wait until the next morning to move me. Serena had caught my eye when Jeff drove by with her earlier, and I was REALLY looking forward to being near her. I couldn't see her from where I was at, and it was very frustrating. I was definitely smitten with her. Jeff had to leave for work after he set up Serena's campsite. Gail and Gary visited for a few minutes, then called it a day. Gary may have been tired, but I had done NOTHING all day and was too excited to sleep. I hoped he wouldn't oversleep the next day because I wanted to go see Serena. She's SO gorgeous!!!

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