Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Spring Break

After the Winter Camp-In at Wal-Mart, I was a lonely boy for about six weeks. Gary was busy working on projects here in St.Augustine, and also at his house in St.Petersburg. I didn't see him very much at all. Finally on March 26th, he began to get me ready for another trip. Gary's neice Jennifer, and her boys Jarod and Jude, were heading to Pat and Dan's farm in Georgia for spring break. You may remember Jen, Jarod, and Jude from our trip to Ohio in October. Anyway, we were going up to spend the week with them at the farm. Camping baby, YEAH!!! We headed out on March 27th, and spent seven nights on the farm. Everybody worked hard and had fun. The biggest surprises of the trip came on March 31st. A new baby goat was born (that's Gary and him in the first picture), AND, Diane the donkey had a baby also. That's Diane and baby Jaclyn in the second picture. TOO cute! Needless to say, it was an exciting day. Remember the baby goats that were born during our January trip? That's them in the third picture. Two months old now and getting bigger all the time. The farm is a really cool place to hang out. We came home on April 3rd. Even though the days in Florida were getting warmer, the nights were still mild. Gary decided to spend one more night in me here at home in the yard. I forgot to mention that my new antenna was working great everywhere we went. I rolled back into the garage on April 4th feeling a bit sad. I knew I most likely wouldn't go anywhere else until cooler weather next fall. That was a LONG time away. It was going to be a miserable and boring summer for sure.

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