Friday, August 12, 2011

Heading Home

We left Monroe mid-morning on Saturday, October 23rd. We made our first stop at the South Carolina state line sign, then rolled on into Georgia and our home state of Florida. No worries with the van, and Gary could finally see some of the countryside instead of constantly watching the temperature gauge. It's a shame the whole trip wasn't this way. I got to see everything, but poor Gary missed so much. We made stops all along the way, but this time for fun stuff and not mechanical problems. The "Ten State Tour" actually became "The Nine State Tour". Our planned side trip to Alabama (the 10th state on the tour) didn't happen, but it would before long. Check out my souveneir license plates from all the places I went. Pretty nice collection for my first big trip, huh? I rolled back into the Green Acres Garage feeling a little road weary, but very, very happy. We were gone for 12 days and travelled 2,622 miles. I went places I had never been, saw things I had never seen, and met the girl of my dreams in Ohio. Who could ask for more? Life is good!

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