Saturday, August 13, 2011

I'm Sleeping With Animals!

Pat and Dan had LOTS of animals on the farm. There were several varieties of chickens, some goats, a couple of sheep, and my favorites, Jack and Diane the donkeys. All of them were really cute, and the donkeys were especially friendly. The chickens woke me up one morning when they were looking at their reflections and pecking at my shiny hubcaps. Too funny! Gary helped with work around the farm while I just took it easy and relaxed. Camping life is the best, especially from my perspective. I always have so much fun. I had a nice place to stay, and a good view of everything around me. The roosters would crow around 4AM, but I got used to it quickly. It didn't bother Gary either. It's all part of life on the farm. Our time here was going by very quickly. I'm pretty sure we'll be clipping the edge of Alabama on the way home, unless we're going someplace else that I don't know about yet. Gary has been known to surprise me. Wherever we're going, I'll be ready!

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