Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Final Countdown

October 1st, 2010. Just a few days left before we headed out on the "Ten State Tour 2010", as Gary was calling it. The van was done and running well. All it needed now was a good cleaning. I was just about completed also. Gary decided to leave my indoor/outdoor carpet in for now. He had bought floor tiles already, but they would require an underlayment and a lot of cutting and fitting. There wasn't time for that. So, he concentrated on small things he knew he could finish. He added a clothesline reel to my left rear corner wall. It was a perfect addition to hang damp towels or clothes, and perfect for campgrounds that don't supply clotheslines. Gary had originally mounted a small dry-erase board and mirror combo over my entry door. It needed to be modified too much when he added the new electrical wiring, so he built a new unit with just the dry-erase board only. He had two mirrors cut for my front storage cabinet doors from the glass shop that installed the plexiglass in my entry door. They made my interior seem larger, and were much more useful than the small one I originally had. Like the van, I needed some cleaning too. I was hoping to go outside for some fresh air before leaving on our tour, but Gary was just too busy today. Maybe tomorrow.

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