Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Silver River State Park

Several months earlier, Gary had booked us into a campout at Silver River State Park near Ocala, FL. I really don't think he was keeping it a secret from me, but was just too busy and forgot to mention it. Anyway, we weren't even home a week from Pat and Dan's farm, and we were heading out once again. A few days before we left, Gary installed a TV antenna on my left rear side. You can see it sticking up over my roof in the second picture. Now we can watch some network shows instead of just watching DVD's. This trip would be a good test to see how well it would work. This campout was different than any we had been to previously. It was a joint campout between members of the National Serro Scotty Organization and members of the Southeast Tearjerkers, a teardrop trailer club. The event took place from Thursday, February 3rd, thru Sunday, February 6th. Gary and I stayed for one additional night. We met so many new friends, and had an absolute BLAST! There was a meet and greet on Friday night, and a potluck dinner on Saturday night. Gary said there was more food than everyone could eat. Nancy and Mabel from the NSSO drove all the way from Michigan for the event. They hadn't seen me in person since before Gary stripped off all my paint. They wouldn't have recognized me if Gary hadn't been around. There were lots of people stopping by to visit with us, and everyone was SO friendly. The campsites were the biggest I have ever seen. This may become a yearly event, and if it does, we'll be back for sure.

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