Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lazy Day

I was sure glad that Serena and I had some alone time yesterday, because we weren't going to have much today. The day began with Debbie cooking breakfast for herself, Gail, and Gary. She left shortly afterwards. That's Gail, Debbie, and Maggie in the first photo. Gary, Gail, and Maggie just hung around camp all day. They took Maggie for a long walk in the afternoon, but other than that, Serena and I didn't have any time to ourselves. That's Gail and Maggie with me in the second picture. As evening approached, Jeff arrived with dinner from KFC. He didn't have to work for a change, so he could spend the night. Jeff came over to see me, and posed with me for the third photo. Gary, Gail, and Jeff talked and laughed around the campfire until very late, just like Gary and the girls had done the previous night. Serena looked SO pretty with the moonlight reflecting off her skin. I get chills just thinking about her. I was sad when I realized this would be our last night together, but I'm VERY thankful that I got to make this trip and could meet the girl of my dreams. If you're reading this Serena, I LOVE YOU!!!

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