Monday, August 22, 2011

Some New Decor

Gary removed the red framed Serro Scotty logo that I had over my bunk beds the other day. I knew he wasn't totally thrilled with the way that it looked, so I figured he was reworking it. Today he surprised me with something I wasn't expecting at all....a photo montage of people and trailers that we have camped with. How cool it is to have photos of all our camping friends in one place. It is MUCH better than that boring old logo. And who's picture is right in the middle of the montage? My girlfriend, SERENA!! I know that Gary arranged the other photos around her just for me. Now she's not only in my heart, but on my wall as well. The montage will be a fun thing to show off when we're camping with old and new friends alike. It is AWESOME! I haven't had any presents in awhile, but this is a really special one. Thanks, Gary. You're the BEST!!!

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