Monday, August 1, 2011

I A-Door You, Part 2

With the rest of my body looking pretty doggone good, one big piece remained door. As I blogged about much earlier, Gary had removed my door before, and painted the inside of it with that stinky Rustoleum. Nothing had been done with the outside part, so now was the time. It was much easier for him to strip my door with it laying flat. There was less chance of getting stripper on my new plexiglass window and damaging it, and my hinge would need to be painted silver to match my new look. Gary covered a pair of sawhorses with an old quilt so my inside door paint wouldn't be damaged. He covered my plexiglass window with a piece of scrap plexiglass, and taped up the edges, then began the tedious stripping. My door is the same textured aluminum like my roof, but at least it didn't have any roof coatings on it. It was completed and re-hung on my silver painted hinge within a day or two. I still didn't have my new edge strips, but I wasn't complaining. First things first, and that door was UGLY!

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