Thursday, August 4, 2011

Seeing Red

Lots of odds and ends were getting done at a fast pace. As you can see in these pictures, my rear bumper is now back on. Gary bought me some rubber end plugs that fit into the ends of the bumper. They hide all that nasty rust inside that can't be accessed for painting. My taillight lenses, tag light, reflectors, side marker lights, and red edge trim were all installed. My white porch light that Gary had installed last year, was removed during the stripping process, and re-painted red. I was getting a little closer to going camping with every passing day, and you know by now how HAPPY camping makes me. The stripping and painting days were nearly over. I'm sure that both Gary and I killed off a few brain cells being couped up in the garage all summer with these chemical smells and paint fumes, but no complaints. I couldn't wait to feel some sun on my skin, but that would be a few days off yet. I was still missing some VERY critical parts.

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