Friday, August 5, 2011

The Daily Double

Work began on my interior improvements AND the van. I thought the van was getting a simple oil change and that would be it, but Gary was planning MUCH more. In the course of the next week or so, he replaced things as simple as an air filter, to as complicated as the timing chain and gears. He was busy and tired, but he always left time in the evenings for me. I am so lucky he bought me, and I wonder where I would be now if he hadn't. During these late nights together, he modified and installed a bunk bed ladder he had found at a yard sale for a dollar. It was a bit too long, but he cut off a portion of the legs, and it fit really well. The fire extinguisher that was previously mounted close to my entry door, was moved to it's new location inside my kitchen base cabinet. The reason for the move was to make room for a new sconce light, actually two of them. One was mounted in the front, and one in the back. This required a good amount of additional wiring, but that didn't seem to take long. Gary had run new wiring through my upper cabinet for the rear sconce light, so he added an aditional plug and a new light over my kitchen sink. I would no longer be dark inside at night. Toss that battery operated light I used to have in the trash. More improvements were still to come, but the lighting being done was a BIGGIE.

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