Monday, August 8, 2011

Delaware State Park

We left Enon Beach Campground early on Wednesday, and headed northwest to Tipp City, Ohio. Gary easily found the Menard's store he was looking for. Silly me. I thought Menard's was a TOWN! Turned out to be a home improvement store. We don't have them in Florida, and Gary wanted to see what they were like. He was in the store at least an hour, but came out empty handed. We left there and headed north to Sidney, Ohio where we once again stopped at a Menard's store. This time, Gary came out with a roll of vinyl flooring. He will use it whenever he rebuilds my brother "Scotty". Gary called ahead and made a reservation at Delaware State Park, so that was where we were heading to next. The park is north of Columbus, Ohio. Gary called his friend Gail who lives near Columbus in a town called Worthington. Gail and her husband Jeff also own a Serro Scotty. Her name is "Serena". Gail, Jeff, and Serena decided to come and camp with us. WOO-HOO, this was going to be fun!!! Gary had dinner with Gail and Jeff that night while I enjoyed the campground. They ate at a place called "Roadhouse 66" which is owned by David Wickline. David is Gary's favorite author of books about Route 66. David was at the restaurant that night, and he autographed Gary's books. That's David and Gary in the third picture. Gary and I spent that first night camping alone, and were joined by Gail and Serena (Jeff had to work) the following night. The van had no overheating problems during our short stop and start trips that day. We were going to be at Delaware State Park for four nights, and I was SO happy!

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