Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bumper And Brackets

Like everything else on the outside of me, my rear bumper had multiple coats of paint on it. It also had a bunch of scratches, some rust, and a small dent. Whoever originally installed it (I can't remember that far back), had also mounted it about two inches further to the left than the right. Stuff like that drives Gary crazy, and I knew he wouldn't leave it like it was. He re-drilled the mounting holes to get the bumper centered, and turned it around so the dent would be on the inside. Once it was stripped and the scars were sanded down, both the bumper and it's brackets were primered and painted. Rustoleum red enamel was used on the bumper, and Rustoleum silver on the brackets. Gary was right. This red was really going to POP against my shiny skin. I had no idea!

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