Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Think I'm In Love!

Gary thankfully woke up early. He hitched me up to the van and towed me to a new campsite directly across the street from Serena. That's her in the first two photos, and me looking at her in the third photo. Isn't she a HOTTIE? She was more lovely than I ever imagined. I couldn't wait to get to know her. I was hoping that Gary and Gail would go somewhere so Serena and I could be alone. It took awhile, but they finally left. I began the conversation with Serena. By now, you know how much I like to talk. She was a bit timid at first, but eventually opened up and told me about her life. She was born in Irwin, Pennsylvania in the fall of 1967. Our 5 year age difference didn't matter at all. We had so much in common. Like me, she had a hard life with her previous owners who abused her. Jeff and Gail had saved her, just as Gary had saved me. I listened to every detail and wanted to know as much as she was willing to tell. I told her about myself, and she was equally interested. A few hours later, Gary and Gail came back to the campground. They had driven up to Marion,Ohio to another Menard's store, and also to Meijer's, another store that we don't have in Florida. They had taken Maggie (Gail and Jeff's dog) with them, so Serena and I had no distractions. Later that evening, Gail's friend and neighbor Debbie came to camp with Gail for the night. Gary hung out with them until they all got worn out from talking and laughing. As the campfire slowly died, Serena and I whispered goodnight to each other in our own way. At that moment, I knew what Heaven would be like, because I was in it. What a GLORIUS day!

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