Friday, August 12, 2011

Red Floor And More

Gary wasted no time in getting back to work on me after our trip. Within a couple of days, he was ripping out my black carpet. That stuff was yucky! It was nearly impossible to clean. It held onto dirt like it was made of Velcro. My old bare floor had too many imperfections to lay my new red Armstrong floor tiles directly to it. A smooth underlayment had to be cut, fitted, and attached first. Gary used some thin luan for the job. It was glued and screwed, so it's not going anywhere. He attached the underlayment one day, and installed the floor tiles the next. All of this went quickly and smoothly. The upper trim for my drop-down floor had to be modified to fit, and a couple of new pieces had to be cut. I didn't have any trim on the lower part of my drop-down floor with the carpet, but Gary fitted me with some this time. The red tiles look good with all the black and white that's in my interior, if I do say so myself. Looks much brighter too. A definite improvement. During our earlier campouts, Gary would watch a small portable DVD player for entertainment. It worked okay if he was the only person camping in me, but the small 8" screen was difficult for everyone to see when Gary had guests. So, he bought me this cool little 15" flat screen TV and an adjustable wall mount bracket. It's large enough for everyone to see from all four of my beds. He also mounted a DVD player inside the cabinet above the TV, and wired the two together. SWEET! For added privacy, he assembled three additional curtain panels for my larger windows. There had been a few gaps that needed to be filled. That was it for the latest round of improvements. The Daytona Turkey Run car show would be coming up again in about a month, but Gary was planning something before then, but wouldn't tell me what. What was he up to?

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