Sunday, July 31, 2011

Eternabond? What's That???

Once my roof was cleaned for the final time, Gary applied some super-sticky tape stuff called Eternabond over my two roof seams. I had never heard of it before. All I've known for most of my life is roof coatings from out of a big bucket. This stuff came on a roll, weighed next to nothing, and even matched my shiny roof. Gary says it's expensive, but once it's on, it's good forever, and forever is a LONG, LONG, time. I liked the sound of that! I promised you in an earlier blog, that I would show you a picture of my roof completely stripped, and here it is. Isn't it beautiful? I am SO proud. After Gary applied the Eternabond tape to my seams, he coated the area around my roof vent with GE premium waterproof silicone. It stays flexible and is shrink and crack proof. It's an aluminum/metal/gray color that goes nicely with my bare metal roof. With all of this work done, my roof edge strips were probably next, but Gary always kept me guessing.

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