Monday, July 18, 2011

Bed Number Four

My renovation was moving right along. It was now the end of September, and it was absolutely essential to have me road ready by Thanksgiving. Gary spends every Thanksgiving at the Turkey Rod Run car show in Daytona with three of his friends, and this year (and in years to come) I was going to be their camping buddy. This is the reason that I needed to be converted to sleep four in individual beds. As Gary says, "I like my friends, but I'm not sleeping with them". With the conversion of my former dinette area into a full-time bed, that was not going to be a problem. Some of my original dinette bench materials got replaced by stronger ones, and a large piece of plywood was cut to bridge my two benches. This part of my renovation was MUCH easier to accomplish than the bunk beds were. All of the area in front of my entry door had not been painted yet, but I knew the time was near. I could hardly wait to see ALL of my interior in fresh new white paint. Time was ticking, and there was much to do yet. I wonder what's next?

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