Saturday, July 16, 2011

That's SO Much Better!

I think I wore Gary down with my whining about my exposed rear end. Actually, rebuilding my rear wall was just the next step in the process of my renovation, but I'll be happy to take credit for finally getting it done. Luckily, the ends of my plywood sides were not water damaged, so there was plenty of "meat" to attach the new wood to. Like all Scottys of the era, I was originally built with 1x3's to connect my two sides together. Gary thought that was too wimpy, so he beefed me up with 1x4's and 1x6's while rebuilding my wall. I was impressed! He primered and painted the new wood with exterior paint, so even if any water did get in later (and that's highly unlikely), my new wood would survive for much longer than the original un-painted factory wood. Channels were cut in the wood for my taillight and tag light wiring, and holes were cut for my taillights to fit into. All new wiring was installed from my tongue to my taillights since my old wiring had been repeatedly cut into over the years. I was SO thrilled to get this part of my renovation completed. My butt was no longer hanging out in the open for all the world to see. I'm guessing that my sheet metal will be installed next, but we'll see.

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