Saturday, July 30, 2011

Moving On

Poor old Gary had really been working hard on my roof, and his efforts paid off. Within a couple of days after the first picture here was taken, my roof looked AMAZING! I'll show you in an upcoming blog post. I had lost another 15lbs. of weight with the removal of all the roof coatings. I think Gary had lost more than that in the ridiculously hot Florida heat. The next step was to remove my old edge strips and prepare the surfaces under them for the new ones. In addition to the factory nails, my previous owner had gone crazy with a drill and a screwdriver, and had added a ton of screws in-between the nails. I guess he figured that with more screws, maybe I wouldn't have leaking problems. By the time Gary removed both of my old edge strips, he had a plastic bin with a total of 310 screws and nails in it. That's just WRONG!

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