Saturday, July 23, 2011

Getting Greasy

I couldn't remember when the last time was that I had my bearings packed. It was probably when I got new tires last. According to the manufacturing codes that Gary read on my tires, that was 9 years ago. Being the perfectionist that he is, I knew something that old wasn't going to be ignored by Gary. Although my old bearings looked decent after they were cleaned, Gary bought me brand new ones just to be sure. I got new grease seals too. My wheel hubs and related pieces were cleaned. My new bearings were carefully packed with high-temperature grease, placed into my wheel hubs along with my new seals, and mounted back onto my clean spindles. Gary disappeared with my old tires and spare, and came back about an hour later with 3 brand new tires. I LOVED the smell of those new "sneakers" as Gary called them. They sure smelled better than that Rustoleum door paint. I tried on my new "sneakers", and they felt REALLY good. I couldn't wait to test them out. ROAD TRIP!!!

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