Thursday, July 28, 2011

Up On The Roof

A little ingenuity and a few pieces of wood was all it took to solve the dilemma of working on my roof. Gary whipped up this handy dandy work platform in minutes flat. It rests on my edge strips, so no weight is put on my thin sheet metal. The big plywood piece (shown upside down in the first picture) slides on the 2x4 rails. That's where Gary would work from. The 2x4's are attached to 2x2's on each end of the 2x4's. Those would slide easily along my edge strips which are attached (of course) to my sturdy plywood sides. The thin plywood strips attached to the 2x2's and 2x4's kept the platform aligned with the edge strips, and most importantly, kept my buddy Gary from sliding off the roof. Make sense? The platform provided Gary with easy access to any portion of my roof. It was much more comfortable and much safer for Gary to lay or sit on the plywood panel rather than stand on a ladder for several hours a day. Where there's a will there's a way, and Gary definitely had the will. He was ready to kick some serious roof coating "booty".

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