Saturday, July 23, 2011

I A-Door You

Gary installed my door today, and it looks MUCH better than it used to. Originally, it was tan, but now it's bright white to match the rest of my new interior. It has new weatherstripping around the edges, and a new seal around the plexiglass window. My original door lock was lubricated and polished. It looks and works like new. The smell of the Rustoleum paint is a little nauseating, but I'm sure it won't stink for long. Just when I thought Gary was done with the door, he started drilling holes in it. I've learned not to question him, since he always has a reason for doing things that seem a bit crazy on the surface. Sure enough, the holes he drilled were to mount a window guard over the window. I didn't ever have one of those before, and maybe if I did, my window wouldn't have gotten broken out. I approve! Now that my door was on and I had all my windows, it looked like camping wasn't too far away. I'm getting more excited everyday!

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