Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Winter Camp-In 2010

Our friend Nancy had the idea of a winter camp-in for Valentine's Day weekend. The premise was to camp in your Scotty or other brand trailer anywhere you were, or if nothing else, just have a meal or spend some time in your camper. Some people endured brutally cold weather and snow to participate. It was cold here in Florida, but nothing that Gary couldn't manage with a small heater. As for me, well I would camp in Antarctica if I had to. After all, camping is my life. So, after a little more than a month without much bonding time with Gary, he decided to pull me out of the garage for a night of camping. Gary had dinner and watched a movie with me, taking photos along the way. The photos were sent to Nancy for inclusion in the Winter Camp-In slideshow that she would prepare. Little did I know that this would be our last camping adventure for MANY months. It would be 3 months before Gary would spend much time with me, and when he did, it WASN'T to camp. Wait until you hear what happens to me next. I was SHOCKED!!!

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