Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Cabinets!

You didn't get to see my old cabinets, but trust me, they were AWFUL!!! Battered, broken, and much too bulky for the slim new me. Gary made the new base cabinet a bit thinner than the original. My old one hung out over my drop-down floor, and that's not good when you're trying to conserve space. These pictures show my new cabinets being test fitted. Once everything was how I wanted it, Gary removed them, painted them, then put them back in. I'll show you how the final product looks later. I'll be fitted with a microwave oven, and a cool little polished stainless steel sink that Gary bought for me on eBay. He's so nice to me. And I almost forgot. I'll have a stainless steel countertop, backsplash, and cabinet door facings too. I've never looked so classy! You can see the new center panel of my ceiling that got replaced in the picture of my upper cabinet. It wasn't painted yet when this photo was taken, but it wasn't long before it was. And check out my freshly painted white walls. Don't they look great? No more dull old fake woodgrain walls for this guy. My linoleum was in pretty horrible shape too, so Gary spent HOURS removing it. I wasn't sure if I was going to get carpeting or linoleum tiles, but whatever Gary buys will be fine with me, as long as I approve it first! I'm just kidding. I'm sounding a bit picky, and I'm really not that way. I just feel blessed that I have someone that cares about me. So far, I don't even have ONE completed bed, and I'm supposed to sleep FOUR in individual beds. I wonder how this is going to work?

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