Sunday, July 17, 2011

Oh, Now I Get It

With the kitchen cabinets well on their way to being finished, I was wondering what was going to fill that large empty area on my left side. I got my answer: BUNK BEDS!! Now I'm realizing what the plan is to make me sleep FOUR people in individual beds. One in the back, two in the bunks, and one in my former dinette area. BRILLIANT!! That Gary is always thinking. He started building a base for the bunks, then fitted pieces around my left wheelwell. That will give him some storage space under the bottom bunk. Just like with the kitchen cabinets, Gary is test fitting all the pieces first before removing them, painting, then putting them back in to stay. All of the cabinet and bunk pieces will be painted black, and I guess it's easier to paint them in the garage than inside my small interior. He'd better not get any black paint on my nice white walls!

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