Friday, July 22, 2011

Cabinet Doors And Carpet

Look what I got today....cabinet doors and carpet! I'm telling you, everyday is like Christmas around here. I know I get impatient sometimes and want everything done NOW, but I have absolutely NO complaints as to how well I'm being treated. Gary was originally going to just paint my cabinet doors. But he liked the look of my stainless countertop SO much, that he decided to cover my doors with it too. I gotta say, they do look GREAT! The top of my bedside stand got the stainless treatment also. The only things that aren't brand new in my kitchen are my original cabinet door hinges and catches, and the drain pipe for my sink. After finishing up my kitchen, Gary measured my various floor areas for carpet. He had purchased a roll of black indoor/outdoor carpet at Lowe's, and carefully cut each piece to fit my off-square factory floors. Once installed, he topped it off with brand new stair nosing trim around the top of my drop-down floor. NICE! That was it for today's improvements. Gary was working on more stuff for me, but you'll just have to check back to see what happen's next. This is FUN!!!

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