Sunday, July 24, 2011

Four Beds Are Better Than One

Everything in my interior was now in place. Some last-minute cleaning and a check to make sure that all my re-worked systems were functioning, and that would do it. With just a couple of days to go before Gary's "car guy" buddies arrived from North Carolina, I was finally whole and ready to roll. Gary seemed a bit nervous as to how things would go on this first trip. He was pretty sure that a few things would need some tweaking. Lighting was sure to be an issue. All I was equipped with was a battery operated light over my sink, and 4 un-attached touch lights. It was good enough for now. November 24th was here. Gary and I awaited the arrival of Marty, Michael, and Kyle. Unfortunately, Michael had just started a new job, and couldn't make the trip. Four beds, three guys, no problem. There was very little change in my outer appearance from the days with my previous owner. I wasn't much to look at until you opened my door and stepped inside. Marty and Kyle arrived, and came out to the garage to check me out. They were impressed! No more expensive motels for Gary and his pals. They were going camping, and I was the STAR of the show. Tomorrow we head to Daytona. Is it tomorrow yet?

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