Friday, July 29, 2011

Leave The Mops To The Maid

As long as Gary owns me, there won't be any more need for mops to apply roof coatings to me. Actually, there will NEVER be any more roof coatings on me at all. Once I'm stripped, I'm staying stripped. Gary took dozens of pictures of this long process, but I've been trying to sort through them and show you just the highlights. Hopefully, you've gotten an idea of what Gary and I went through, and hopefully I haven't bored you to death either. The work moved along with the deadline of that northern campout in both of our minds. You can see how thin the roof coatings and paint are at this point. That was encouraging. So was completing my lower front panel. I was getting more and more shiny with every passing day. My rear skin was looking better too. See that red, white, and blue thing under the left side of my rear window? That is a small portion of a real estate sign. My previous owner had cut into my skin there to put in an air conditioner. The hole had to be flled, and the sign did the trick. It would end up being stripped just like the rest of me. Thanks, Watson Realty!

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