Thursday, July 14, 2011


My entire rear wall area under the window was totally rotted away from water leakage. In addition, so was a little of the floor on my right side in the area where my fresh water tank used to be (Gary had removed that earlier). There was no way to fix all this stuff without removing my skin from the window down. Once my skin was off, things REALLY looked ugly. It wasn't hard to remove the rotted wood since there wasn't enough of it left to even hold together. I was afraid that Gary would see all this and give up on me, thinking I was too far gone to go any further. But anything bad that he found, he fixed without complaining. It was nice to finally have someone to give me the attention I've been longing for. I was SO embarassed (bare assed, get it?) to be flashing anybody that walked by. Luckily for me, I was inside the garage and nobody could see me but Gary. Still, I wondered how long it would be until I looked like myself again.

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