Thursday, July 21, 2011

Looking More Like Me

Another month had slipped by, and now it was early November. There was so much to be completed yet, and only about 3 weeks until my debut. The majority of my interior work was done, but I still didn't have any rear sheet metal, a rear window, or taillights. Those are kind of important if you want to go camping in a trailer. When Gary began working on me for the day, that area was his main focus. My sheet metal and edge strips were re-attached, then came my taillights, tag light, reflectors, and Serro Scotty emblem. The lights were tested and they worked perfectly. Next was my rear window, an essential donation from my dearly departed friend "Chip". Gary used lots of butyl tape around it to prevent leaks. The only gaping hole left in me was my entry door. It had been attached to me until a couple of days earlier, but Gary removed it to paint it and have a new window installed by a local glass company. He had attempted to cut a plexiglass window and install it himself, but had no luck. That's the first thing I've seen him fail at. Just proves he's human, I guess. By the end of the day, I was feeling much more like myself. Now hurry up and put my door back on, Gary!

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