Saturday, July 23, 2011

This Should Keep The Bugs Out

First thing this morning, that big hole where my entry door used to be was finally covered....with NEWSPAPER! I thought at first that Gary had lost his mind. Where was my door? What did he do with it? Then I found out that the newspaper was being used to mask the areas around my rusty door hinge so that he could work on it. The hinge was sanded and primered, and later in the day, painted. Obviously, there wasn't going to be anything happening in my interior today with the "iron curtain" covering my one and only entrance. A few days earlier, Gary had removed all of my window screens and cleaned my grungy windows. Much like my entry door, I hadn't seen the tattered and torn screens since. My screen-less screen door was also missing. After painting my door hinge and removing the newspapers and masking tape, Gary walked in with a stack of re-screened screens for my dazzling clean windows. Minutes later, he installed my re-screened screen door. I hadn't seen screen in that in years! My entry door was still missing, but something told me it wasn't far away. I wondered what "Santa" would bring me next?

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