Sunday, July 31, 2011

What Lurks Beneath

With my edge strips removed, Gary was able to look at parts of me that haven't been seen since I was born. He was ecstatic to see that my plywood walls and thin ceiling wood was in EXCELLENT condition with no signs of water damage or leakage. My wood actually looked factory fresh. Parts of me had aged well. Must have been the Oil Of Olay (Ha-Ha!), or maybe it was the 15lbs. of roof coatings and the 310 edge strip screws. Whatever it was, it worked. Gary removed the paint that was hidden beneath my old edge strips, then measured to see exactly where to position my new strips. He wanted to attach the new strips along my roof area first, then bend them down my front and rear curves. I really didn't understand what he was doing, but that's nothing new. He always had a plan and somehow made things work. I sure was glad there wasn't any hidden damage. Gary was too. It looked like I would be around for many more years.

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