Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cushion Covers And Curtains

The day that Gary bought me, our first stop on the way home was to visit briefly with his sister Pat and her husband Dan. I'm not too sure what they thought of me, but they were very encouraging. Fast forward a few months, and this time Pat and Dan were here to visit with Gary and me. Gary had called Pat, and told her about his concern with not having something to cover my foam cushions with in time for my maiden voyage. So, it was Pat and Dan to the rescue. With sewing machine onboard, they drove the 200 plus miles to sew my covers. How nice was THAT? Gary had bought all new foam for me from a vendor on eBay, custom cut for my new beds. Black bed sheets from Wal-Mart were sewn by Pat into large open-ended pillowcases. Dan and Gary wrestled the foam into the covers. As planned, they fit tightly over the foam. In just a couple of hours, my covers had been made. Thank you, Pat and Dan! The next day, Gary installed new nickel plated curtain rods in me. He used cheap Wal-Mart towels hemmed with iron-on seam tape as curtains, and attached the curtains to the rods with cafe clips. I'm sure I'll be getting something fancier in the future, but for now, these curtains will do just fine. They sure are nicer than the matted dog hair curtains I used to have. Yuck-O!!!!

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