Friday, July 29, 2011

Don't Mess With Gary

I found out early on that Gary was a good fighter. He fought a ton of obstacles when working on my interior, and won every fight but one (that pesky plexiglass entry door window). He fought intense heat for two summers while working on me. He fought what seemed like a mountain of roof coatings and layers of paint. He hadn't won the roof coatings and paint battle just yet, but he sure had them under control. There was still a good deal of paint lodged in the "nooks and crannies", but it looked like the worst of the work on the roof was over. Gary was still surprising me with gifts all the time. One day he came home with new edge strips, and there were loads of other stuff that I'll show you later. I am one lucky little Serro Scotty. These pictures were taken in early August, so there was 2 months to go before we were due to hit the highway. Things were looking good.

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