Sunday, July 17, 2011


Gary had other things to do besides work on me full time, but I really did enjoy our times together. I still do today. He had worked on me as often as he could from the end of July to mid-September. With all the work he had done to me, he knew me better than anybody. I had come to realize that he does what he says he will do. He told me he was going to make me into a four bed Scotty, and by golly, he did just that. In a relatively short time, he took an empty space where my refrigerator and potty room used to be, and transformed it into a set of bunk beds. I thought that was pretty doggone cool. The bottom bunk's construction was a no-brainer, but the upper was a bit more difficult. Gary had purchased thick aluminum angle pieces to support the bunk, but found out quickly that the front angle piece would not adequately support his weight without bowing. So, he bought a piece of thick angle iron to replace that front piece, and that solved the problem. A strip of aluminum flatbar was attached to the front of the angle iron to make it look like it was solid aluminum. And the angle iron got primered and painted so it wouldn't rust. He moved the piece that was originally the front piece to the center of the bunk for added support. You can tell in the detailed picture as to how the supports are attached. I hated to see him have to take everything back apart to paint it, but he didn't seem to mind. I was starting to look like what Gary had envisioned all along. I just love when a plan comes together!

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